In the following we would like to start with a general introduction into the concept of "Sustainability" and give you an overview about the six courses / Sub-MOOCs you can participate in within our SEA-EU MOOC Series on a "Sustainable Use of the Ocean".

Increasing aquaculture production and marine exploration for medical and cosmetic purposes have impacts on the marine environment. What are these impacts and how can they be prevented?

Deep-sea mining is already being explored in numerous marine regions. What impact does it have on the environment and nearby societies, and how can it be avoided?

What is operational oceanography, how does it work, what services does it provide for society and how does it contribute to the sustainable use of the oceans?

Coastal tourism has an impact on the environment and the inhabitants of the coasts. How can sustainable coastal tourism be developed?

These fields are essential for the smooth running of a port.
How can economic and sustainable goals be combined?

How can state responses to irregular maritime migration be critically and sustainably addressed from the perspective of the law of the sea, international human rights and the general principles of international law?